Announcement for IEJ Call for Papers 2023

IEJ Call for Papers 2023

IEJ is to be issued Vol.3, No.1 Economic research journal in “Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Development” which is a major theme. Authors are invited to work on research papers under the major theme as well as in various contemporary categories related to economics.

Following are the step by step to submit the paper;

Step 1- Fill out the survey and download the full description of the IEJ call for papers through the following link.
Description link-

Step 2 – Sumit the paper title, abstract and author/s through the following link.
Submission link –
Deadline – 15 Sep 2023

Step 3- Attend the training and write the paper

Step 4 – Submission of the full paper through IEJ email –
Deadline – 30 November 2023
Step 5 – Online IEJ Paper Conference

IEJ Journal Policy –