Mission Statement

“Becoming an economic research organization to strengthen the economic development of Myanmar.”

Our Story

Inya Economics is an independent research organization, especially emphasizing the development of the Myanmar economy as well as policy and academic progress. Inya Economics was founded to be able to support economic researchers and stakeholders in the economy with our economic research and discussions. It is fortifying policy consideration and evidence-based research to the policymakers, government, and non-profit and profit organizations, which intends to the prosperity of the development of the public and private sector.

For that purpose, Inya Economics has been implementing the three major programs: Subnational Economic Research Program, Promoting Good Governance Program, and Private Sector Development Program.

Inya Economics has published an academic journal called Inya Economic Journal since 2017. Besides, bulletins and articles related to development issues in Myanmar are published occasionally.

Our Purpose and Values

We have been conducting the research by understanding local context on people need. Here is our value;

  • Passionate- Full of energy and inspiration. Love what we do and why we do it. Love our people and country.
  • Localization- We understand people‚Äôs need, upgrade social status.
  • Innovative- Be different approaches to the problem solutions.
  • Evidence-based- Standing with evidence-based approaches
  • Accountable- Always responsible. Take ownership. Make it happen.
  • Transparent- Stay with reputation of the organization
  • Independent- Impartial existence
  • Open- Seek new ideas and other points of view. Share freely. Really listen and understand. Embrace diversity.
  • Inya Economics respects diversity and human rights in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion and beliefs and political ideology. The organization does not tolerate any form of segregation over fundamental rights. The organization values these inherent rights. Based on our firm beliefs and standpoint, the organization dedicates and works for the inclusive economy as the means to sustainable economic development.

Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance is crucial to the success of any organization. Our governance framework ensures that key risks and issues are escalated appropriately and that we can effectively oversee how our strategy is put in place. As we have no shareholders, we can take a long-term view and manage the organization in a sustainable way for our beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries are our focus.