Organization Background

Inya Economics was founded in 2017 and is a local independent think tank, especially emphasizing sustainable and inclusive development in holistic and alternative ways as well as policy and academic progress for people’s prosperity. Inya Economics focuses on economic knowledge advancements in democratic ways and sharing economic value with humanity for the well-embedded in society. It is fortifying policy consideration and evidence-based research to the policymakers, government, and non-profit and profit organizations, which intends to the prosperity of the development of the public and private sector.

For that purpose, Inya Economics has been implementing seven major programs: Economic Research Lab Program, Economics Education Program, Promoting Good Governance Program, Private Sector Development Program, Youth Development Program, Green Economy Program and Economics for Federal Resources Program.

Inya Economics has published an academic journal called Inya Economic Journal since 2017. Besides, bulletins and articles related to development issues in Myanmar are published occasionally.

Our Values

  • Innovation: We approach problems with innovative and critical solutions.
  • Evidence-based: We considering utilizing evidence-based strategies.
  • Accountability – We are responsible for our actions and follow the principle of doing no harm.
  • Transparency – We maintain the organization’s reputation and image.
  • Independent—We are a local independent think tank.
  • Inya Economics respects diversity and human rights in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion and beliefs and political ideology. The organization does not tolerate any form of segregation over fundamental rights. The organization values these inherent rights. Based on our firm beliefs and standpoint, the organization dedicates and works for an inclusive economy as the means to sustainable economic development.

Our Vision

“To strengthen the economic development of Myanmar.”

Our Mission

Myanmar’s sustainable economic development can definitely become only in the context of the democratically accountable political system.

Organizational Governance

Our organization applies a decentralized, accountable approach to governance. Furthermore, accountability is being enforced by implementing a single organization management system. The IE Police system will be implemented, and anyone will be able to file a complaint if employees do not follow the organization’s values and policies. The IE Police system is in place to prevent any form of discrimination, including gender, religion, ethnicity and minority. Those who desire to file a complaint may submit it by writing to the Organization’s email address,