Inya Economics Network

About Inya Economics Network


  1. What is Inya Economics Network?
  • Inya Economics Network is a community which can include every people who have ever been in a connection with Inya Economics Organization.
  1. Who is included in Inya Economics Network?

Many people included in Inya Economics Network who have worked on projects and programs or are currently working in Inya Economics, and who have helped Inya Economics in one way or another. Furthermore, members of the Inya Economic Journal, University students from the student unions, and people in the NGOs and INGOs field are included in this network. That’s why Inya Economics Network is an invaluable human resource group including consultants and experts. In addition, we are going to perform this network more widely than now.

  1. Why do we organize this network?

The current research environment in Myanmar does not yet extend the network to other states and regions. As the quality of research and the human resources associated with research are extremely valuable, we want to work with many researchers in our respective divisions and states.

Joining the Inya Economics Network can help you find a job and can get invaluable knowledge for the rest of your life. Moreover, it is a place where you can get advice for your career path from other seniors and experts and you can freely share your knowledge and experience with others. As it is a creative gathering place, you can not only help in one way or another for growth but also help to improve your human values by yourself. Our organization considers everyone involved in Inya Economics as a family member for the rest of their life. So, our organization has always opened the door to everyone for the betterment of one’s life.

That’s why we encourage you to add the people who have worked in Inya Economics and absolutely want to participate in this network. However, we requested that you should need to add only those people related to Inya Economics. This network will continue organize by Inya Economics Organization and we will announce the other rules and regulations if needed.


How to join Inya Economics Monthly Network Event?

You can join Inya Economic Network via Facebook Link;

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