Eco Insight Program

Program Overview

Eco Insight Program continues to strive for novelty in economic research, with an emphasis on strengthening Myanmar’s economy. The initiative aims to improve policy formulation and promote evidence-based research through discussions and research activities. Its primary objective is to delve into the benefits of both the public and private sectors, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the people.


● to extend the public’s understanding of on-ground economic status
● to enhance economic prosperity by contributing to building the economy at the community and state levels.

Eco Insight Project

Project description

  • Target Period : 1 year

Scheduled for implementation this year, the scope of program activities will be emphasized as follows:

1. Promoting articles, podcasts, and blogs

The activity is designed to stay informed about Myanmar’s unpredictable economic events and to contribute to the development of economic thinking at both the community and state levels. Additionally, it intends to educate the public, especially youth, by disseminating economic articles, podcasts, and blogs that cover past and current economic changes and prospects.

2. Providing short courses and training

Short courses and training activities will facilitate the public’s understanding of the economic situation at both community and state levels. The goal is to support conducting research on economic and social issues by offering practical knowledge and skill-set training.

3. Evidence-based Advocacy

This initiative will provide insights into measures that result from evidence-based research to nurture the economy at the community and state levels, thereby improving its socioeconomic position on the ground.