Youth Development Program

Program Overview

The Youth Development Program(YDP) is designed to support the holistic development of young people. Political, economic, and social projects will be carried out mainly for the youth in 2023.

Development Entrepreneurship Award 2023

Objectives of the project

  • The objective of this program is to empower young people to lead and contribute to their communities in innovative ways.

Project description

This program is not administered directly by Inya Economics. The young people who agree to participate in this program are looking for self-employment experience by implementing projects that will be built with their own ideas. The project timeline included preparation for 1 month and implementation for 2 months. 

Inya Economics will provide financial and technological support to the young groups. The project results of each youth group will be scored by Inya Economics and the Development Entrepreneurship Award 2023 will be given to the group with the highest score. Following training will be given by Inya Economics;

  • Leadership training
  • Research Training

Democracy for Youth Training

Objectives of the project

  •  In order for young people to systematically learn about politics as an academic subject

Project description

After 2021, political events have developed rapidly, and the need for young people to understand the impact of these rapid changes in political events, internal armed conflicts, Ethnic affairs, It is expressed by the needs of nation building. This course will study and teach politics from an academic perspective and compare it to Myanmar’s political content analysis.

Political Economy 101 Training

Objectives of the project

  • The objective is to enhance subject knowledge and gain a better understanding of Myanmar’s political and economic connections and implications.

Project description

This course will focus on the following topicsး

– Theoretical Frameworks and Concepts

– Theory of political economy 101

– Myanmar Case study