Private Sector Development Program

Program Overview

Established in 2017, Inya Economics created a Business unit intending to offer unique research and necessary services to Myanmar’s Businesses. Later in 2019, it was modified as the Private Sector Development Program (PSD) while PSD services to the businesses, particularly market research, consumer insight, customized research, impact evaluation, and consulting services for businesses. The private sector development program is one of the programs of Inya Economics Ltd Gty. The program is mainly focusing on business sector research which can fulfill the organization’s vision, economic development. PSD published Myanmar Business Insight Report (MBIR) annually.

Program Design



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Myanmar Business Insight Report

Myanmar Business Insight Report (MBIR) is the annual report of the PSD Program. The purpose of the MBIR project is that trying to understand the local business across states and regions.

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Consumer Research Service

Nowadays, most successful companies put the customer at the heart of their strategy and decision-making. Consumer research’s finding help the business’s decision-making, to become an innovative and right decision, to indicates and tracks the trend of the consumer over your products or services. Consumer Research offers you to increase your benefits in collaborating with our services: Marketing, Brands, and Product Launches, Tracking consumer’s desires and changing behavior. Our consumer research team design and produce smart research and our team knows how to engage your
target market customers.

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Customized Research Service

Inya Economics offers unique research that is tailored and optimized for our customers’ specific needs. Sometimes, our customers and clients have no ideas to describe what data they need for their business operation. No industry limit, but your objectives are specific. Our research findings will deliver the results to make proper decisions on the current and future course of your business. The highlight in a visually easy-to-understand format allows you to meet your objectives. You, therefore, make an appointment with us, and our expert team will consult and work for you.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Mid and end evaluation in project implementation are essential. Expertise from Inya Economics is providing monitoring and evaluation services over humanitarian and development projects as well as include the market. Our expertise will allow us to continue delivering high-quality output evaluation and monitoring services by maintaining and growing its client portfolio as well as ensuring the quality of all in-house evaluations, while responding to current demands for the analysis of the real impact of development interventions on the ground, using statistical experimental and non-experimental analysis.

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