The Quality of Life of Legal Myanmar Migrant Labors in Mae Sot, Thailand: The Case of Mae Tao Community

Volume : IEJ Vol.3 No.(1)

Published Date : June 2024


This research objects to propose the solutions for improving the quality of life of legal Myanmar migrant labors from Mae Tao community in Mae Sot, Thailand. Many researchers have been studied on international migration with different focuses, nevertheless, the quality of life of migrants has not much represented, especially for the country like Myanmar. Therefore, this study explores the current state of quality of life among legal Myanmar migrant labors in Mae Sot, Thailand. Twelve legal Myanmar migrant workers were interviewed by employing semi-structured designed questions followed by open discussion and follow-up questions upon how the interviewees led to the points. This study focused on aspects such ass material wealth, physical and mental health, legal protection and work-life balance of those legal Myanmar migrant labors from Mae Tao Community in Mae Sot, Tak Province of Thailand. The findings reveal that legal Myanmar migrant labors’ objective wellbeing is poor but subjective wellbeing is high. It also seems comparatively connected to the background and environment they originally came from when migrating for better living.