The Impact of Government Debt and Macro Variables on Economic Growth of Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos PDR and Bangladesh

Author : Saw Lalbwel Htoo

Volume : IEJ Vol.1 No.1

Published Date : October, 2017


This study examines the impact of government debt and macro variables on economics growth of Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos PDR and Bangladesh which are listed in the Least-Developed-Countries by using ARDL. In this empirical research, dependents variable is GDP and independent variables are government debt (GDEBT), inflation (INF), exchange rate (EX) and current account balance (CA). The research methodology consist three steps which are Levin, Lin & Chu, ADF unit root test and PP unit root test, ARDL approached Pooled Mean Group estimation. The study of empirical results is significant at 1% and 5% in the short run and long run. It is found that the government debt strongly impacts the economic growth: the results in this research of the study which the government debt and macro variables have the effective both positive and negative impact on economic growth during the period 2001-2015. Keywords: Myanmar, Government Debt, Exchange Rate, Inflation, GDP and Current Account Balance JEL Classification: C24, C51, E31,F31, F32, H63