Myanmar Economy under the Military’s Regime

Volume : IEJ Vol.2 No.(2)

Published Date : May 2022


Myanmar is currently undergoing a political and economic crisis after the military forcefully seized power from the elected civilian government on 1 February 2021. This effectively marked a return to military rule after nearly ten years of civilian rule, halting the economic transformation of the country since 2011. This article provides a brief history of the economy in Myanmar. Here why the economy in Myanmar is important to be studied are the basic needs for the survival of human beings: food, and shelter, which depend on the economic situation of the country. This paper also attempted to study the economic and political imbalances of power in Myanmar society under military rule. Since the coup, the economy in Myanmar has been in free fall, with new investments dying up, even the withdrawal of existing investments and western countries’ sanctions on the military regime. If the security and economic situation does not stabilize soon, up to 25 million people, 45% of Myanmar’s population could be living in poverty by 2022. Keywords: Economy, Military Coup, Politics, and Myanmar