Dimensions of Gender Inequality in Myanmar: Perspectives of education, culture and participation of women in economic activities

Volume : IEJ Vol.2 No.(2)

Published Date : May 2022


When it comes to economic growth, gender equality and fairness play an important role. Nowadays, women are gradually entering the economic field like men. From this women’s participation, we found the inequality of economic opportunities between men and women. Therefore, in this research paper, we will only focus on men’s and women’s gender equality in the economic field. From this, we would like to present the key point of rapid economic growth, revealing gender equality in our Myanmar society. The impact of gender equality and women's participation in economic activities in Myanmar, as well as present and previous concerns related to gender concerns and the economic success of Myanmar's communities, are examined in this study. In general, a lack of chances for women's labor force engagement and participation has been a major impediment to future and progressive economic capacities. Furthermore, essential characteristics for future proposals for the future of Myanmar's economy have been provided. Keywords: Gender, Economic Development