Economics for Federal Resources Program

Program Overview

This program will provide an understanding of the current economic trend for youth and the general public, realising on ground socioeconomic status. Organised three parts in the program: short course training, Eco Podcast and Street Economic blog, the program will be implemented in 2023.

Economics for Everyone Podcast

Objectives of the project

  • Extend understanding of Economic concepts and contribute Federalism

Project description

The podcast program aims to be aware of Myanmar’s unpredictable events in economic activities and to contribute to economic thinking for Federal States Buildings. This project intends to educate the general public and youth at the community and state levels. The goal of the project is to improve people’s understanding of Myanmar’s current Changes and future prospects. Myanmar’s economy is worsening, which is the main cause of political instability. After the coup in 2021, economic activities have been harmed, and macroeconomic variables such as unemployment and inflation are incurring to the economy. Notably, GDP has been falling Since 2020, which is the cause of the steaky investment of local and foreign within the economy. The current economy is unpredictable because both the private and public sectors are no longer adjusting the balance of the market, which is bringing the economy to collapse. 

A Short Course will contribute fundamental concepts of economics and federal economic subjects to the general public and youth. Besides, social, economics and politics-related subjects will be added in the course. 

The economic podcast and Stree Economic Blog articles will cover previous Myanmar economic experiences and theories practised in the economy. It also intends to identify Myanmar’s economic journey in the past and its ideology for the country’s economic development attempt. And also, this podcast’s discussion on political and economic issues will highlight the future federal democratic union of the country.