Qualitative Research Services

If you want to be an entrepreneur or you are a person who wants to start your own small business, the research service of Inya Economics is ready to assist you!

First of all, when anyone has started a business should need to know the market position of your business (Market Demand), situations which may be encountered at the stages of raw materials and finished products (Supply Chain Process), the risk of loss when actually starting the business and risk analysis. After understanding these basic factors, you can decide whether or not there is potential in the long run and you will also be able to work to make more profit.

There may be difficulties in conducting those kinds of research such as where to start and how to do it.  In such situations, the Private Sector Development Programme, a program of Inya Economics, is ready to provide the research services that can meet the specific needs of your business by our Customized Qualitative Research Team.

How to contact our team?

=> You can request a free consultation by contacting the private sector development program’s mail (psd.ie.mm@gmail.com) of Inya Economics.

# Let’s work together with our Inya Economics’ Qualitative Research Team to make a correct decision and performance.